Litter Eater

April 27, 2014

Have you ever tasted litter?
Do you think it’s bland or bitter?
When you see a kitty shitter
Do you wonder or suppose?

Well, today I’m here to tell you
that Blind Murphy has tried a few.
After sniffing on his doodoo
he will lick them off his nose.

Will it stop up his small anus?
’cause a vet bill would be heinous,
and I’m not yet as quite famous
to afford an asshole pump.

So with certain circumstances
Of my current day finances
I do not like taking chances
Of clay clogging up his rump.

By the litter box I linger
To eliminate the clinger
With a swipe of my clean finger
once he’s covered up his poop.

He may wiggle and may squirm
But my actions, they affirm
that my love for him’s long-term
Because the level that I stoop.