Religious Intervention Rejection Form

April 27, 2014

We live in an increasingly spiritual world.  Because of this, it is important to field and respond to all requests for religious intervention (and nowadays, there are many).  To help save time, please feel free to use the following Religious Intervention Rejection form letter to respond to all requests professionally and promptly.


Writer’s Note:
In June of 2007, Partner and I moved into our very first house in a quiet neighborhood with at least half a dozen churches.
Shortly after moving in, we found a postcard on our door from one of these organized religious facilities with a handwritten note stating nothing more than, “We are praying for you!”
Being a homosexual in the South, I am very sensitive to such comments.  I do not know if the note was a general statement to address the stress of moving or a jab at my “lifestyle” by another religious fanatic.  All I know is that the note wasn’t signed, and it was on the church’s stationary.
Being who I am (poor Partner), I wrote the church back using a form letter very similar to the one you see above and dropped it in the mail.  7 years later, I still have not heard back from them (meaning they didn’t resubmit their request after 90 days).