Is Your Cat an Alcoholic?

June 13, 2014

Is your cat an alcoholic?  Do you even know the signs to look for? These clever creatures can blame hairballs for their vomiting for only so long before you become suspicious. If you think your cat is an alcoholic, there are many online resources available to help you make this determination before confronting your feline.

For example (an excerpt from the article “20 Secret Signs of Addiction“):

Finding a bottle or a six-pack tucked where it shouldn’t be is one of the most common tip-offs that someone’s drinking is getting out of hand…Over time, alcoholics and addicts develop a network of hiding places to stash their drugs. There may even be a sense that the family member is “guarding” the alcohol…Outbursts of temper may ensue if someone disturbs the private territory.

Alcoholics tend to have stashes of alcohol in secret locations (seen pictured above). The private bottle disguises how much the alcoholic is really drinking. When an alcoholic has a private stash of alcohol, they typically keep it in one room, so if the person spends a prolonged period of time in one room, be on alert. We’ve heard stories of mothers staying in the kitchen all day because their private stash was in the cupboard, or a father who spends far too much time in the garage.  If you’re not aware, this might seem like normal behavior. But it’s not normal to spend hours at a time in one particular room. So if a loved one is spending an inordinate amount of time in one room, it may be worth it to check and see what’s going on.

Zoe is very creative as to where she hides her stash.

Speak to your alcoholic cat before it’s too late, before their addiction tears your family apart. Know the signs. Get the help they need. Live a happier life together.