Shenaniganing in Memphis: The Book of Mormon and Hairspray

June 30, 2014

When you think of Memphis, what words comes to mind? Live Theater! That’s right! And that’s what this weekend’s shenaniganing is all about.


Friday, I took out a second mortgage on the home for tickets to see The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum Theater downtown.


6-30-2014 10-27-45 AM

Saturday night we took in the more affordable (yet generously produced) Hairspray at Playhouse on the Square.


Friday night, as I awaited my bucket of wine at the Orpheum bar, Partner facetiously asked, “Why were those [boys in white, short-sleeve button down shirts and ties] outside handing out copies of the script?” because on every corner leading to the theater, you had to swim through Mormon boys asking the passing crowd if they would like a copy of The Book of Mormon.


Look who sat five seats to my right! One of my favorite people in Memphis: Carol. I met her during the production of Sweeney Todd. She also received a really big screw at last year’s Ostrander Awards. Lucky girl.



It felt like Christmas waiting for that curtain to rise.

After the show, I left behind my laughter-induced-piss-filled seat at the Orpheum theater and thought, ‘This is the show I’ve been waiting my whole life to see.’ Unfortunately for Partner, he must now endure the constant blaring of the show’s so I can relive each scene (at least this gives him a brief respite from Bjork).

What you see below is an area of Memphis I call Little Broadway (I don’t think anyone else calls it that, though). Four theaters within walking distance of each other: Theatreworks, Circuit Playhouse, Playhouse on the Square, and the brand-spanking new Hattiloo Theater (and this map doesn’t even show the many other theaters in Memphis such as the Orpheum, Evergreen Theater, or Theatre Memphis – to name a few).


If you’re a true live-theater lover and Memphian, I challenge you to a stage hop, seeing one show a night at each theater in this area in one week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday matinee).

After navigating the sold-out house Saturday night, Partner and I popped a squat, and who do I see in the seat directly in front of me?


I swear to God I am not stalking Carol….okay, fine. Maybe a little.


There were performers so awesome (e.g. Motormouth Maybelle and Little Inez) they had me scrambling through my program while thinking, ‘Who the fuck is that?!’ If you want your fucking socks blown off, you should see this, but be sure they’re on again by the end of the show, because if you are like me, you’ll be out of your seat and dancing with the very nice lady sitting next to you (and this had nothing to do with the bucket of wine I had before the show).