Before You Share on HuffPost Live

September 9, 2014

HuffPost Live is an internet program operated by The Huffington Post. But unlike other news magazine programs, viewers can submit comments and questions via text or video which can be fielded by the host to their guest(s) live on the air. Isn’t technology wonderful?

I recently viewed this program when a friend was a guest on an hour-long segment covering depression. After logging into The Huffington Post site with my Facebook credentials, the video briefly buffered before I was granted access to view the show.

To the right of the program screen, I noticed a chat feed where viewers were posting comments and questions pertaining to the show’s subject. Some even chatted with each other. To show active support, I threw my own inquiry into the stew of questions and comments. I didn’t expect it to be addressed, but this would have allowed me to tell my friend, “I was so happy to see you on HuffPost Live! I even posted a question, but nobody responded to it. You know how that goes.”

You can imagine my excitement when the hostess announced to her international audience, “And we have a question from Cary…” She said my name! And it sounded so cool with a British accent! Oh God, I’m famous! Technology, I love you!

Unfortunately, my elation was cruelly hammered by what faded onto the screen next. As a matter of fact, my exact words during this abrupt emotional transition were, “Ahhhhhhhh shit.”

9-8-2014 4-23-50 PM

I foresee Merriam-Webster contacting me for rights to use this image as an example for their definition of ‘mockery.’


It wasn’t until I saw it live, on the air (i.e. too late) that I realized the profile picture that accompanied this specific inquiry portrayed me as living with someone who is pretty fed up with me nagging them about taking their meds; hence I was unintentionally introduced to their worldly demographic as either an idiot or an asshole.

So let this be a lesson to you. If you plan on submitting a question or comment to HuffPost Live, be sure you have a somewhat respectable profile picture.


by Cary Vaughn (2014)