Jabba the Zoe

November 6, 2014 — 4 Comments

10 cool points for anyone that not only knows the reference but can translate it as well.



In related news, I must figure out a way to help Zoe lose weight. Her daily asthma medication makes her ravenously hungry, and when her meal doesn’t satisfy her bottomless stomach (which is all the time), she gets awfully bitchy. I try to encourage exercise but being deaf, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t alarm her into running and the cerebellar hypoplasia makes her awkwardly uncoordinated when playing with toys.

Maybe I should place her food bowl on a running Roomba. This way, she’ll have to walk while she eats, burning calories as they are consumed.

Fuck me, I’m a genius.


by Cary Vaughn (2014)

4 responses to Jabba the Zoe


    Star Wars….and would one of those toys that looks like a tarp with a fake mouse that spins around interest her at all? Maybe she should take up swimming 🙂



    Until she figures out she can just sit on the Roomba and just ride around eating and taking in the different sites.

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