Why You Should Adopt a Handicat

December 20, 2014 — 13 Comments

This video has no sound for a reason.


by Cary Vaughn (2014)

13 responses to Why You Should Adopt a Handicat


    I’m bawling. And petting my rescue kitties SO HARD.



    What an amazing kitty. She’s lucky with you. And it seems you’re happy to have her! 🙂 Seriously… it’s nearly embarrassing… sitting here and crying. I’m touched!

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    My heart is a little bit warmer now Cary. Zoe is beautiful and she is lucky to have you!



    That was cute, funny and moving, Cary. If I knew that my dog wouldn’t eat a handicat, I would consider it after seeing this. But he would. He kills helpless baby rabbits.



    I’ve been owned by several handicats now and they can be fabulous. Currently, tuxedo tripod LucyFur rules our house with an iron paw. 🙂

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    This was such a great message; especially since the message wasn’t “Take my handicat, PLEASE!”. Makes it all worth it, right? Even though I still can’t figure out what she buried in her litter box… :/


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