Changing Lives with Theater

March 9, 2015 — 2 Comments

Anybody with a passion for live theater already knows how it can change lives. Both dramatic and musical productions (old and new) can inspire creativity in children, push boundaries and open discussions among adults, and provide entertainment before your naked eyes. But I recently realized that there’s another way theater can change lives.

It started as simple idea via Facebook chat with some of my cast mates from The Boy from Oz (we’re close like that). The idea? Collect contributions everyone involved in the show and, on the day we open, donate it to Friends for Life, a Memphis organization that helps persons affected by HIV/AIDS live well.

After sharing this idea with the cast during a rehearsal break, I didn’t anticipated collecting more than $500. However, on Monday, March 9, 2015 (delayed from original date due to inclement weather), we were able to present a check to the organization’s executive producer in the amount of $1,400!

3-9-2015 11-39-52 AM

Pictured from left to right: Josh Walden (Peter Allen), Kim Daugherty (Executive Director of Friends for Life), me (Greg Connell), and Jerry Chipman (director of The Boy fro Oz at Theatre Memphis).


I can’t express my gratitude to everybody that is a part of this show for their contributions that made this simple idea come to life so spectacularly. My dream is that this becomes a new tradition for every theater company across the nation that produces this highly energetic, abundantly fun, and wildly entertaining show. It’s just another way that we entertainers, actors, performers, and creative-types can demonstrate how live theater can make a difference and change lives.

If you would like a glimpse at all cast and crew involved, you can check them out in the show’s promo video below (and yes, that is a fake boob in my mouth).

Production pictures below by Jack Yates. Click each image to enlarge.

Oz9 Oz3 Oz5

Oz1 Oz8 Oz2

Oz4 Oz6 Oz7


2 responses to Changing Lives with Theater


    That is so awesome! It would be amazing if your dream came to fruition and swept the nation, Cary.

    You look very dapper in your photo, by the way.

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    It is so great to love what you do and you’re doing great things with it. 🙂

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