Dear Rick Scarborough,

June 26, 2015 — 15 Comments

You have made a very dramatic statement about protesting gay marriage. Well, today love won.

I can’t begin to imagine the anger and frustration you must be experiencing right now (because, again, love won). It’s never easy not getting your way. But if you don’t mind, I’d like to politely remind you of a public statement you recently made: “We are not going to bow. We are not going to bend, and if necessary we will burn.”

Well, sir. I am calling your bluff.


I should probably (in good conscience) say that the day a gay couple approaches you to officiate their wedding ceremony will be the day I have sex with women again (and, trust me, that ain’t gonna happen). So, in good conscience, I have to suggest that you unbunch your panties and stop getting hysterical over something that has as much influence on your day-to-day life as the weather on Jupiter.

However, the gasoline will be right here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta run get my marshmallows just in case.

Wickedly yours,

Cary Vaughn

15 responses to Dear Rick Scarborough,


    I like that letter. 😉

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    A request: do one of your cute cat cartoons where one cat lowers the Confederate flag and another one raises a rainbow one.



    There better be some raucous celebratory lovemaking going down in the Cary household tonight. (insert 1970s porn music here)

    When I saw the Huffington Post headline that the Confederate flag was finally being taken down, I said in happy amazement to my computer screen, “Oh. My. God.” Then, only a few days later, when they announced the Supreme Court had legalized marriage equality, I stood up, pumped both fists at the ceiling and shouted, “Fuck, yeah!”

    Holy crap, if they add strict gun control laws before the end of the summer, I may actually stop having those nightmares about Chris Christie eating barbecue naked from the waste down in the Oval Office. *shudder

    PS: I luuuurve the rainbow stripe WordPress added to the top of their Freshly Pressed page.

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    Love won? Okay- but gay bank accounts won too. Marriage benefits, inheritance tax, the lot. And lots of us don’t want to have children, which means we can throw all our money on the travertine floors and then roll in it naked right before we use it to go after the bigotry brigade. How’s that for divine justice?

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    I’m watching my news feed get flooded with support and, sadly, a few posts from people who are still strongly against gay marriage.

    The way I see it is that 50+ years ago people were strongly against interracial marriage for many of the same reasons people are against gay marriage. Today, interracial marriage is embraced fully with the exception of maybe a handful of nitwits. I am of the firm belief that gay marriage will be the same, though let’s hope it doesn’t take 50+ years for that to happen.

    Now, move over. I’d like to sit down and roast some marshmallows with you.

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