Christians vs. Crazies

June 29, 2015 — 29 Comments

Christians are the kindest, most generous people I’ve ever known. And I know many Christians. Unfortunately, these friendly people are having their identity damaged by a growing number of mentally unstable individuals who believe that the only requirement of Christianity is self-proclamation. Between brags about their faith, the latter type practices behaviors that would make Jesus roll in His Heaven. I am here to tell you that these types of people are not Christians. They are Crazies.

I am not a Christian, but I am here to defend them because real Christians are wonderful role models for society. The Christians I know emulate who they believe Jesus Christ to be. After all, how else did a guy that claimed to be the son of God end up with such a large following? Was it by promising threats? Was it with bullying and name-calling? Was it because He was a scaremonger? No. That is what Crazies do.

It’s been a while since I last practiced Christianity as nowadays it seems this religion has more hostages than followers, but the stories I learned from the Bible in the first 26 years of my life are still very familiar. I am aware of the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ, the religion’s namesake; and Christianity, after all, is mirror the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ.

If you need help determining what Jesus would do, allow me to provide examples of what he wouldn’t do:

Jesus wouldn’t force His beliefs on others. However, Crazies believe that the value of their faith is diminished if the rest of the world doesn’t believe like they do.


Jesus wouldn’t bully others who are different. Unfortunately, Crazies like name-calling because it makes them feel superior.


Jesus wouldn’t make threats if He didn’t get His way. Crazies revel in retaliation.

6-29-2015 10-38-14 AM

Jesus wouldn’t cherry-pick verses from the Bible to promote his personal rationale. Crazies only follow the ones that better suits their agenda. This not only makes them a Crazy but a hypocrite, too.


And finally (no commentary necessary):

6-29-2015 10-41-36 AM

Did seeing Jesus say such terrible things make you uncomfortable, mad, and/or offended? If you have the slightest capacity for empathy, you may understand how I feel when I’m assaulted by a Crazy’s belief. So do me a favor and think about it. If your church sings “Onward Christian Soldier” more than “His Eye is On the Sparrow” and/or your minister preaches more about what is wrong with the world than what you can do to be a better person, you may be receiving and exemplifying the wrong message and hurting others more than helping them.

29 responses to Christians vs. Crazies

    Kyle Phillips July 20, 2015 at 1:18 am

    Thank you so much for saying what needs to be said. I’m tired of crazies making us look bad. lol

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    I’m usually fascinated by some Christians who let their religion hanging out the window like a bed sheet.
    And how disappointed they wrinkle their noses when they ask me “What confession do you belong to?” And I usually tell them: “I don’t need to confess, I’m sure you’ll forgive me.”
    I find it disturbing being told what I have to do to be a good Christian.
    Religion to me is something private – and that’s how I keep it… 🙂 Well done!



    This is excellent. I almost can’t wait for the “blasphemer!” comments to roll in. Those Jesus memes are supreme! 😉
    Hate, prejudice and hypocrisy breeds negativity and more hate… And snark, so I probably owe them a debt of gratitude. 😀

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    helleanorrigby July 1, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    I *literally* snorted coffee out of my nose at the “Knock, Knock” joke. That shit is glorious. I want you to donate your brain to humor when you go, please.

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      Honestly, I didn’t realize it was that funny until I saw someone had screen cap’ed it and posted it on their Facebook page.


        helleanorrigby July 1, 2015 at 8:46 pm

        Oh. I’m going to be doing that. And pinning it. And maybe printing it off and framing it and getting business cards made with it and handing it out to everyone I see. Because, seriously, it made me laugh out loud, and not a lot does that.

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    I love this. I am not Christian, but I have been seeing some of the worst, and most hateful things coming from those who profess to be Christian. It amazes me how someone can say that they love Jesus and are great people, all while spewing horrible things (that I don’t even want to repeat here)

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    Thank you, Cary. I am a Christian and I find myself cringing when other so-called Christians (aka Crazies) start spouting all their horrible and hateful b.s. I don’t want to be associated with them Crazies!

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    Kristi Campbell - findingninee July 1, 2015 at 10:16 am

    YES!! *fist pump*

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    I want to thank you for this. I am a Christian and a Southerner…gasp…I know right? Lol. I have gay friends, bi friends, and friends of many colors and religions. I love our differences. I love what we all learn from each other. I love…the love. I am not bothered by the fact that gay people can now get married, I think it is long over due. My aunt was gay. She was not able to marry her partner before she died. I was so happy she finally found someone she trusted and loved that I could have cared less that it was another woman. I was happy she was happy and I think fundamentally, that is all that is supposed to matter. Jesus said love thy neighbor, not love thy neighbor unless they are gay.

    I have had to learn to not be offended when someone asks me if I am a Christian and then asks me how I feel about gay people with a sneer. They think we are all bigots because that is what is portrayed by the media. I can’t blame them and so I tell them that I love gay people. That always weirds them out because they half expect me to foam at the mouth and throw a Bible at them.

    I have met other “Christians” that are this way and I like to point out that we are all the same. We are all God’s children and he loves all of us. He says so over and over and over and nowhere does he say that he only loves straight people. That is just ridiculous. He also says judge, lest ye be judged….which roughly translates to sit down and shut the fuck up.

    But my favorite thing to say to these people who try and use a book to hide their discrimination as they traipse around on their high horse thinking they are more righteous than everyone else in the room, is when they say,” Love the person but hate the sin.” Um, we are all sinners. Every single one of us… So I remind them that God said no one sin is greater than the other. So in essence, being gay is the equivalent of them telling their favorite Aunt Ida her crappy potato didn’t taste like feet at the church cookout last Sunday. Even though no one ate it. And they spit their’s out in their napkin when she wasn’t looking.

    It is not our place to judge others. It is our place to love others. Maybe I am wrong, but that is what being a Christian means to me, but hey, I am crazy.

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    For a non-Christian, you know a lot more about my religion than most people who go to church every week.

    You know I love and support you. Your mom’s book of face post had me in tears. Congratulations on getting the rights you so richly deserve. If you need an extra groomsman or a guy to park cars or just a dumb guy to support you, give me a call.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am a Christian, and I FULLY support marriage, whether it is between a man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, cat and dog, Love is love and in this crazy world it should be celebrated when anyone finds someone to share their life with, that can put up with their shit. All love and all marriage should be celebrated!

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    Excellent piece, Cary. I just wish the crazies were deep enough to understand it.

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    I love this piece, it holds so much truth. I do consider myself a Christian, and I hate what people like this are doing to the faith, and our God. We are not God, and we shouldn’t attempt to fill his shoes or speak for Him. Much love my friend, and keep up the great work.

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    Well said, my friend. Well said (of course).

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