Why Bully A Handicat?

July 29, 2015 — 17 Comments

July 29, 2015

Dear Journal,

I sometimes posts pictures and videos of Blind Murphy on my Reluctant Cat Owner’s Journal Facebook page. An hour after sharing a snapshot of his life, I tell him he already has a quadrillionty eleven likes (fuck it, he’s blind and it makes him feel important). What I don’t tell him, however, is how he occasionally receives hateful and mean-spirited messages from my page followers.

For example, a while back, I shared the following video because I thought it was cute:



However, based upon the commentary that followed, I assumed people thought he was trying to attack me.

Video Comment 1

Video Comment 2
I assure you, Journal, that he was merely pawing at the air, feeling for his missing toy with which we had just finished playing. He often does this after playtime or when he wants more treats.  He’s blind. It’s what blind cats do. I just feel terrible that me posting this innocent video stirred up so much anger and assumption of his character.

Another instance of handicat cyberbullying was more recent. Not long ago, I shared this picture on my The Reluctant Cat Owner Journal’s Facebook page:

And then this happened:

Comment 1

Comment 2

comment 3

Video Comment 5

Comment 4

I don’t understand some of these comments, but I do understand their negative intent. To those cold-hearted individuals that say Blind Murphy is “wrong,” “sad,” “bad,” “horrible,” or “mean,” I want to ask, “Do you tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art making hateful remarks about the subjects of the photography on exhibit?” They probably do.

I tried not to get too upset about this. After all, a couple of these trolls are so deranged, one called Blind Murphy “human” while another laughed at a normal picture of a cat.

But this next one epitomizes why I’ll never understand internet readers. In late May, I attempted to shame Elvis by sharing a picture he took after stealing my portable porn box (what some people call a “smart phone”).

I anticipated sympathy from my followers. After all, my privacy had just been violated. I expected others to commiserate with their own cat burglar stories. Unfortunately, all I got was 30 “likes,” each one exponentially encouraging this reprobate’s bad behavior.

I guess I’ll never understand “cat people.”


17 responses to Why Bully A Handicat?


    I had a 3-legged dog that my husband taught to “air shake”. People were either delighted or horrified by that trick. There was no in-between: http://psb1969.blogspot.com/2015/09/requiem-for-rosie.html



    This is feckin’ hilarious and just reinforces my stand that people are indeed stoopid. 😉



    Dear Cary,
    You are a cat lover and a cat Daddy. You are taking your time, your care and your love and give special needs cast a home! This is admirable! Additionally you have a heartily and warm humor which apparently is absolutely on the same page as mine. I was giggling and laughing seeing your pictures and the video – with your priceless comments. Yes, you are having fun – but the love you have for your cats shows!!
    There are days I don’t understand some people either… so what…? They apparently have a hard time to just enjoy life, fun and laughter. Maybe we should feel bad for them only being able to sense negativity. Let’s enjoy our cats with all their habits and their own kind of fun – take pics, like, laugh and comment!
    Sending you a kitty hug.



    You’re analyzing internet trolls. Just sit with that for a moment. I’ll wait. I need another vodka Sprite, anyway.

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    Dawn McKinley July 30, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    Your Blind Murphy posts always make me chuckle! Rock on with those bad boys. Reminded me of someone I knew who had a black blind cat named Stevie Wonder! Unfortunately, Stevie’ has gone to lay on God’s keyboard now.

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    Oh my sweet giggle fits Cary. You have mastered humor dear friend, you may add “PhD” to the end of your name.

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    Murphy should really get a selfie stick.



      Eww. It’s bad enough when people take selfies (I, myself, have stopped). But I unfollow people that post pictures using a selfie stick. I don’t want to end up unfollowing Blind Murphy.



    I love your sense of humor. It’s purrrrrrfect.



    Blind Murphy staring out the window is priceless. Because he can’t see the ticket, either.

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    My wife received multiple threats of physical violence from internet freaks after she wrote a satirical article about getting our dog plastic surgery because he was “looking older.” Completely made up. Fiction. Satire. Comedy. So yeah, I get it.

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    This is why I prefer blogging. Such comments are usually made by people who aren’t interested in reading and understanding your post/image/video – they are only interested in leaving a comment. Why? I have no idea. But cheer up. You and your cat love each other, and that’s what matters, isn’t it? And Murphy doesn’t understand those remarks 🙂 he doesn’t care.

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