Print Book vs. E-Book

March 28, 2016 — 4 Comments

Dear Journal,

I recently read an article on the Online Bible of Gratuitous Opinion (or what others call The Huffington Post) about why “print books are better than E-books.” I’ve noticed this subject has been given attention on other heavy-traffic sites such as Mental Floss, Business Insider, and The Washington Post as well, and I wonder to myself every time, “Why should we care?”

Like numerous literates, I have transitioned to an e-reader. Are there disadvantages to escaping into a writer’s imagination through a computer screen? Sure.

  • You are required to feed the e-reader electricity so it doesn’t die during an exciting, page-turning chapter.
  • You can no longer loan your favorite stories and novels to friends or relatives.
  • If you have a dried cum stain…I’m sorry; I mean, a “smudge” on one page of an e-reader, you have that same smudge on every page until you wipe the screen clean, and I admit that it’s more difficult to scrub a smudge from an e-reader without flipping multiple pages in the process.
  • Reading a book in the tub isn’t as much of a risk. Dropping a print book into a tub of water is an “Oh, crap!” type of problem; dropping an e-reader into a tub of water is a “Goddamnit motherfucking son of a bitch” type of problem. A tub of jello, on the other hand, delicious.

But do I regret having an e-reader? Absolutely not. I love my Nook.

From what I have read, it seems that some fail to realize the advantages of this convenient device. For example:

  • You no longer have to find a place for the dozens and dozens of finished novels (thereby allowing that space on the bookshelf for framed pictures of your cats).
  • You can read an e-novel much faster than you can with a print book. I’m not sure why, but I guess it has something to do with the ability to adjust the font to a size that is much more comfortable for your sight.
  • Is there a word you don’t know? No problem, just touch and hold the word on the screen, and the pronunciation/definition appears instantly.
  • You can read smut in public without being judged by its indecent cover. This will allow you to catch up on all of your favorite porn novelizations anywhere you go. (There is such a thing as porn novelizations, right? If not, somebody needs realize this genius idea because who wouldn’t prefer reading Star Whores: Episode 5 The Empire Barebacks. Characters like Luke Cockwalker, Jabba the Slut, Hand Solo,  and Princess Laymee would have so much more depth when created by a skilled writer’s mind. Besides, isn’t the book always better than the movie?)

So despite anyone’s preference, people should understand that this debate is silly and unnecessary. There are advantages and disadvantages of both mediums. Why are these sites (ironically read electronically) wasting energy ostracizing bibliomaniacs who choose one form over another? Instead, we should be reading articles that celebrate people who are still enthusiastic about reading.


4 responses to Print Book vs. E-Book


    I got both. And I do totally agree with you! Both have advantages and disadvantages. After drowning two paperbacks in the bath tub and having to blow dry them to continue reading where I left off when sending them for a swim I refuse to take my Kindle reader into the tub. And I’m still happy with it. 🙂

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    I’m on a computer much of my day. My eyeballs enjoy perusing something that doesn’t glow in the last hour before bed.

    (I can actually SEE the penis jokes forming in your head from here, so just stop, old man.)

    Anyway, you can’t line up the colorful spines of your coolest, proudest ebooks on your living room shelf to impress guests, now can you, Mr. Smartypants? How the hell am I gonna terrify my right wing fundamentalist landlady with The Law of Attraction and The God Delusion if they’re on a hard drive?

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    I couldn’t agree more. My 14-year-old always read a lot but once we bought her a Kindle, she doubled her yearly reading. I call that a win on all fronts. Also, I’ve always been a huge proponent of print books. That is, until carpal tunnel set in. It’s now next to impossible to sit and hold even a paperback for more than a few minutes at at time.

    The one downside to an e-reader is that apparently, when your cat licks said e-reader, it turns the page. Go figure. He must read faster than I do.

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