The End

January 18, 2017 — 20 Comments

Dear Journal,

Several years ago, I reluctantly opened my home to a cat we would name Mr. Tiddles and thus began writing about my cat-ownership grievances on LiveJournal. Through this, I learned that sharing my frustrations while adjusting to a new lifestyle of sleep deprivation, constant annoyance, and a consistently filthy home was therapeutic. Over the years, the cat population in my home grew and so did the stories I had to share. But today, I am announcing that after much thought, the domain will not be renewed in July.

It has been a wonderful journey. I’ve corresponded with hundreds of readers (both nice and mean), embarrassed myself on HuffPo Live, had my work translated into another language, and won a very nice award. I appreciate this journal for allowing me to exercise my writing voice, offend the small-minded, and make people laugh, but it’s now time to close this chapter.

I still intend to write. That will never change. The process of building a story and playing with our language satisfies my creative hunger. I will probably die with a pen in my hand.

To those that have read me over the years, thank you. Your feedback, comments, and recognition have made this exercise a pleasant one. To those that just started following this website, I apologize for this brief moment together. If you want to be directed to some of my favorite entries, may I suggest:

Finally, I leave you with discoveries I have made while authoring The Reluctant Cat Onwer’s Journal:

  • You would be amazed at how many people in this world have landed on this site by Googling “elevator butt pee.”
  • Speaking of Google terms that have landed people on this site (“how to stop people from urinating in the elevator,” “gimp suit pussy,” “satans anus banana,” and “pepper suppository burn my ass” are a few of my favorites), some of y’all are some really sick-headed motherfuckers. Get help.
  • When you write about using a Halloween decoration to keep your cats out of a Christmas tree, people suddenly assume you are a cat behavior expert. Don’t trust what you read on the Internet, people.
  • Most “mommy bloggers” and their readers are vicious. I assume they are projecting frustrations with their inadequacy. It’s what happens when you get nowhere by consistently reading/writing vapid and inane content.
  • Not all “mommy bloggers” write vapid and inane content. Just most.
  • Through this community, I have learned that there are many bloggers who want to write professionally yet do not take the time to study the craft. May I suggest starting with “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser?

It’s been real. And be good to your cats; they depend on you.




20 responses to The End


    Awww, I just found your blog. …However, as it is hosted on, it will still be up as when the domain expires…



    Cary! You can’t! I don’t Facebook and I need you! You don’t understand. Saddest day ever…..



    I’ve just found you and now you are going! 😦 What I found was your article on deaf cat tips. Within the last year my senior kitty has lost his hearing, he was already ridiculously vocal and now…well, you can imagine how tough things have gotten for everyone! Your post made me laugh so hard I cried, some much needed levity after another short, short night’s sleep due to a screaming kitty! Thanks so much, best of luck in the future!!

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    Not a surprise. Good luck, may you heal and be happy.

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    I’m so sad that this is ending! I have always enjoyed reading the misadventures of you, Steven and the furbabies.

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    I’m going to miss you and the kitty stories you shared. I’ve been following your blog for a little while and always enjoyed it. It would be amazing to keep contact with you in another way. But most of all: Thanks for making me laugh, smile and sometimes write as you knew my own herd of fur babies. Thanks for sharing your stories – and all the Best for your future!! God bless you.

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    Kitty Cat Chronicles January 23, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Sorry to see you go! I’ve always enjoyed reading your crazy stories. Good luck in all of your future endeavors!

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    My best to you and your family, may the pee stay in the litter box and your glass always be half full.

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    Not gonna lie, I’m sad that you’re ending this page. But wish you the best in whatever your next endeavor is and I’ll still follow you on FB. Because, stalker.

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    Beo and I will miss your antics. Not Mrs. Patmore – she’s hiding under the bed.

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    where will we be able to see more of your writing?



    Noooo! I have loved your cat posts! I am bereft.

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    Oh, no! I’ll miss your journal very much. I’ve scared my cats many times laughing until I snorted. Good luck on your new endeavors, and I hope I will be laughing at you elsewhere.

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    Have loved your blog. It has been so fun to read all of your kitty antics!

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    Noooo! Don’t leave us!

    I will miss your stories. Unfortunately I don’t comment much (*ahem* at all) these days, but I do lurk, read, and enjoy what I see. Glad you’ll continue writing though no matter what.

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    Thanks for sharing your life and those of your cats with us. Your posts always brought a smile to my face. Good luck to you and your furry heathens in the future. 🙂

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